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Prediction by Celestial Vibes comes true!

Yes! Celestial Vibes get it right once again :-) Mr. Narendra Modi will be the Prime Minister of India for 2nd continuous tenure!

Predicting the outcome of Indian elections (2019) did not need astrology because a normal sane mind knew what was going to happen. Finally it became true as well. However, it is important to project the right astrological factors. In the article published by Celestial Vibes (March - April 2019) Anniversary issue, I wrote an article on explaining why Mr. Narendra Modi will again assume office by defeating Mr. Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi has a night chart with a fallen Moon and Sun in not being well dignified, it is almost impossible that he would ever take charge as the Indian Prime Minister. Without ruling out the future prospects, this article portrays the current planetary situations in alignment with natal positions using some basic astrological tools of Vedic and Hellenistic Astrology. Sticking to basics while predicting always turns out to be handy and successful!

Below is the excerpt from the magazine of this one article for people to read.

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