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Dane Rudhyar & The Quest for Wholeness

Below is an excerpt from Lars Panaro's article on Dane Rudhyar for the March - April 2019 anniversary issue.


Dane Rudhyar is both overrated and underrated by the astrological community today; his philosophy simultaneously confusing and enticing; his astrology entirely modern yet profoundly traditional; his life full of struggle and beauty. Ultimately I would characterize him as a genius of great vision and tremendous heart.

Rudhyar continues to occupy a dimension all his own, be it in the realm of astrology, of philosophy, of painting, of poetry, of fiction, of music, of psychology and anything and everything else he studied and practiced. His life exemplifies the true definition of the renaissance man, of the intellectual, the philosopher and even the mystic. Born in Paris in the 1890s very close to the beginning of a new nearly 500 year Neptune-Pluto cycle in Gemini (a cycle he gave a great deal of attention to in many of his works), Rudhyar immigrated to the USA as a young adult with the aspiration of being a successful composer of new avant-garde music. Already having received a degree in philosophy and having realized intuitively, at a very young age, after the early death of his father, that time and reality moved and breathed in cycles, Rudhyar was early on attracted to mystical and esoteric philosophy and that which dealt with the meaning of life and the true nature of man as a creative agent of The Cosmos.

Rudhyar’s journeys led him to California where he encountered the Theosophy of HP Blavatsky and later on became close friends with Alice A. Bailey. A concerted study of Blavatsky’s magnum opus, The Secret Doctrine (free online in beautiful pdf documents for those interested), gave Rudhyar a firm basis in esoteric philosophy which I believe paved the way for his ability to relate and synthesize a great variety of material (scientific, modern philosophical, religious, historical, spiritual, psychological, musical and artistic), link and convincingly discuss the common currents that connected them all.

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