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Significance of John Davenport's Article in Issue 3 of Celestial Vibes

In July – August 2018 issue (3) of Celestial vibes e-Magazine, John Davenport (Astrologer, Wrtier), came up with an article titled “UK Politics: The Brexit Roller Coaster”. In his article, John dealt with the current political situation in the UK concerning Brexit from an astrological viewpoint.

After the arrest of Andrew Brunson (lived for 23 years in Turkey) in October 2016 and the activities in lead up to July 5, 2018, 98 members of European Parliament and 21 countries (source: wikipedia) sent an open letter to the Turkish President that it was unfair to have made Andrew wait for more than year and also said that there is a right to fair trial. On July 26, 2018, President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence expressed their dissatisfaction with regard to this case. Turkish Spokes person also expressed his dissatisfaction with US demanding by way of ordering Turkey.

John Davenport’s article (A small part featuring US – Turkey relations)

For the EU, this is the cusp of the 6th house of the military whilst opposite Mars in the NATO chart. Although Donald Trump has just procured extra funding from NATO members, the timing of this partial solar eclipse was opposite the position for the start of this next cycle. America’s and Turkey’s trust was eroded and exacerbated by the latter’s increasing relations with Russia [and procuring its S-400 missile defence system]. These recent promises will eventually be broken.

The next cycle is that of Jupiter/Pluto ruling the masses of money [Plutocracy], and starts on 5th April 2020. This cycle starts at 24 Capricorn 53 and is rising throughout Western Europe; the populations of Europe will not want to pay for these changes which can signify extreme austerity measures leading to many protests.

The last cycle in this period is the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at 00 Aquarius 29 on the 21st Dec 2020. This is a political reset button involving all group associations. With this conjunction on the descendant set for Westminster we can get an instant feel for this in terms of the relations we have with others. This conjunction also opposes the Sun/Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in the chart of the Bank of England. [Say no more!]

The MC/IC axis of the EU must also be noted as the asc/desc axis of NATO. These early degrees of the fixed signs shed their antiscia at the end of the other fixed signs: Taurus to Leo and Scorpio to Aquarius, and vice versa of course.

Check out the BBC story here.

Even though this is not the entire story, this post has been made in order to project that this could be a start. We have to wait and watch how this goes by.

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Disclaimer: Celestial Vibes does not promote or propagate any political cause. Celestial Vibes presents only the astrological viewpoints of a particular situation with regard to a country or an individual. There is no connection to politics.

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