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​Celestial Vibes e-Magazine aims at disseminating the concepts of astrology, philosophy and other metaphysical aspects from multidimensional viewpoint of various writers across the world. The idea is to accept and appreciate the cosmological differences in various forms of astrology across the world. Celestial Vibes wishes to establish global astrological thought by facilitating an uninterrupted platform for astrologers and enthusiasts to express themselves.

The magazine, founded by astrologer Aswin Subramanyan, was launched on March 17, 2018. Celestial Vibes opened to good reviews from eminent and established astrologers across the world. Since March 2018, the magazine has had articles from writers like Michelle Young, Robert Wilkinson, Gary Lorentzen, Bob Mulligan, Joni Patry, Lars Panaro, Rok Koritnik and many other amazing astrological writers from across the world.

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      Guidelines to write articles for Celestial Vibes

  • Send a proposal to with your potential ideas.

  • It is appropriate if you don't condescend or criticize any form of astrology because the basic aim of Celestial Vibes is accept, agree and appreciate the cosmological differences in various forms of astrology from various parts of the world

  • Let us not bring any religious affirmations as we are dealing with astrology as a universal subject without any discrimination.

  • There is a difference between criticizing an idea/opinion of a particular person and criticizing a particular person. There is no room to get personal. Celestial Vibes does not wish to criticize any particular person. Every person deserves courtesy and respect and Celestial Vibes is very particular about it.

  • Copyright issues are very serious. We request you not to give us articles that are already published or sent to any other magazine or that are posted on social media platforms. Celestial Vibes leaves the copyright of the article with the author. 

What's new?

  • Celestial Vibes will soon be available in print format in India.

  • Overseas readers can continue to access the online version.

  • New subscribers can log in by making the payment by clicking here and read the magazine online. 

  • Notification will be sent to all the subscribers once the latest issue is released for them to read and enjoy.

Sample Issue- November - December 2018

Cover - Volume 2 

Issue 4 - September - October 2019


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